Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Letters - Harold E. Hullinger

Harold and Jennie wrote a number of letters to each other while living apart during their college years before they were married.

At the time this letter was written Jennie was in Vernal, UT teaching school. Harold was in Provo, UT to work on his teaching degree.

They were separated for two years before they then married and moved to Provo while Harold attended the BYA.

This is a letter Harold wrote to Jennie:

My Darling Jennie,

It seems like a year since you were here, and I am darn glad that there will be only a few days more pass before we can be together. Dear, I try to speed time by, by working at the present and living in hour. Each hour I find you and where ever I go or what ever I do, there is my dear also. And this day has been no exception.

This morning I attended Conference at the Stake House. I heard some splendid discourses by Pres. Harris, Bishop Nibley and Ex-Pres. Ballard, I think of the Swiss-German Mission. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I haven't been feeling the best for the past few days so this afternoon I took the cot for a couple of hours and didn't attend any sessions. My eyes aren't working just right. I can't tell you just where the trouble lies.

Dear, I had a dandy little car ride last night. I drove a new Coop Ford to Spanish and back. It was a little new experience for an old chap like me.

Friday another sweet letter came from your dear. I would have answered it sooner but I had just sent one that morning and all day Fri. and Saturday found me up and going. I will kinda be glad when I can feel that I can use an evening or afternoon without knowing that I ought to be busy. I wish you could sneak up right now, dear and give me a great big hug and a dozen kisses all in one. Yes, I am all alone - come please?

Guess you all enjoyed Frank coming home when you were all there that way. I am wondering how many I'll find home when I return. You know, that every time I've gone home after being away for a while there is always a big crowd there. I am getting anxious to see Mother and those kid brothers and big sisters.

Dearie, I am counting so much on the cool evening of August when we can be together. The old days are nearly dreams, aren't they dear? But as the summer's moon spreads forth her golden rays of love, surely we'll be there. I must stop dreaming and get to work.

My darling, I send all my love to you.

Forever yours

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