Saturday, June 30, 2012

Excerpt from Jennie Lewis Hullinger "Personal Record"

"At my birth my oldest sister Lenora, who had lost her husband, came and took care of my mother."

"I was a fat baby with lots of black hair and the family told my mother I looked like a little papoose, which insulted her very much."

Jennie Lewis Hullinger as a baby.

"Due to the cold winter and poor way of transportation and living quite a way from the ward chapel I was not given a name or a blessing until the following may 5, 1901 when James Hacking the second counselor in the Stake Presidency blessed me. John Workman was Bishop at the time."

"I have always felt like my mother named me for Jennie Lind, a Swedish singer of the 18 century. Or she must have been a great ideal in her life because all my childhood life my mother called me the full name Jennie Lind."

"This is the home I was raised in. In Glines Ward. From L. to R. My mother - Birdie and me on the porch, Crystal and my father."

"The first three year of my schooling was at the Glines School, a two---------------- large rooms, two halls and a small library. The school year was about seven months."

"My first teacher was Parmelia Batty and my second Mary McKee and the third Elizabeth Rasmussen."

"During these years roads were usually bad, being either dusty, dry, mud or lots of snow and ice. So my father would take my sister and I in a buggy with hot rocks and blankets to keep us warm in the winter months. Part of the time we rode with Florence Gurber or Mary McKee teachers living in the Maeser Ward and teaching in Glines, that passed our place to go to school."

"Then my folks moved to town and my father who was the first custodian at the Uintah stake Academy - which was in about 1912. There I went two years at the Central School with Zora Colton as teacher in the fourth grade and Annie Evans in the fifth - when again we moved back to our farm and I went to the Maeser School with Lewis Boyer as teacher for the sixth grade and I remember him so well for being so nice looking and being such a

Jennie Lewis Hullinger about 10-11 years old. Vernal, Utah c. 1910-1911

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